I bought a Windows 10 Pro key on Windows1024.com for about $25 and it works nickel.

So they sell basic keys without guarantee that it is 100% valid. windows 10 pro key purchase, It’s not reassuring. There is a key that is not reassuring at all, and they use it to make a selling point and an additional source of profit. To avoid!

P. s: Not to be fooled by the keys to QQ. It comes from a used thread in my opinion. It’s not illegal unless it’s sold with hardware it seems to me, because the key is attached to a device (I have more the article that mentioned it). But even if it comes from the occasion, it must be unique, verified, and therefore 100% guaranteed without going through any tariff option!

Buy Windows 10 Pro ( Download )

Buy Windows 10 Pro ( Download ) – $199.99

So I’ll let you pay your key 5 times as much, with a “Because it has to be sold with hardware otherwise it’s not valid” of RAM.

We should not see the mafia everywhere, you buy keys in Nicaragua, I assure you that if they were at the same price as here it would be worth the price of a home for them |

I already bought a dozen keys on this site, never had any worries. I contracted the insurance for a key I had offered as a gift. Finally for me, it’s exactly like an extension of warranty for your fridge that you buy at Windows1024.com to have peace of mind.

windows 10 pro download

Finally, I do not require you to buy, and it is much more legal than the place from €19 to €29 on ebay …

I have already bought from this site Windows1024.com, order email received immediately, I have bought at Sunday and I got wrong in the version of the bits and I garlic asked them to change my order in version 64 bits, the SAV replied to me the day men and he changed the version, working windows 10 key 2017, then I had some problems in the installation and as usual the responded quickly and he helped me Until the end and I was finally able to install and activate my Windows successfully. I highly recommend this site besides I am not the only one who satisfied I saw also the opinions of the customers they have almost the same opinion as me. Cheap and functional product and especially very responsive service.

For trying, Windows1024.com is to be avoided.

  • Office 2016 Keys for Windows 7: all have to be activated by phone because too much activation
  • Windows 10 Pro key in 64bit: 2 per phone suite error message.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard ( Product Key + Download )

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard ( Product Key + Download )

No surprises, at this price we are on totally illegal keys. One can make a good conscience by saying that one has “paid” its license, but it is as illegal as a crack, or any other solution to have a cheap or free license.

For a particular it remains a good choice that avoids the use of a crack, and as much to take it as cheapest as possible. Anyway it won’t be legal, no need to pay 10 or €20 more. And we might as well go through reliable resellers, Kinguin for example.

For the sticker it is no longer necessary. A Microsoft advisor confirmed it to me. Besides, it makes sense since the democratization of licenses sold over the Internet. A mail is enough to receive its license in minutes, no shipping costs, even if it is only a sticker to send.

Yep! My future laptop is going to be customized and they were proposing me win 10 pro for $120 but as much as saying it was too inflate the already high bill so I thought I’d find an alternative “solution”.


It is also the limitations of Windows 10 OEM licenses that push to want to bypass the limits. Once my future PC is received, my current PC will go to 100% on Linux and I find it silly not to be able to transfer the Windows license that I bought 5 years ago on my new PC.

When we leave on a Windows license less than €50 we can be sure that we are not completely in our right. But hey I prefer to pay something a bit ‘ borderline ‘ than to use a crack on my Windows OS.

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